FaceGen Artist Pro v2.1 – Windows x32 x64 /


FaceGen Artist Pro v2.1 – Windows x32 x64

FaceGen Artist Pro v2.1 – Windows x32 x64 / aaa 300x93

Crack included
1. Install appropriate FaceGen Artist Version (Winx32 or Winx64)
2. Replace fgArtistPro.exe with cracked exe
4. Block fgArtistPro.exe with firewall from internet access
3. Run

Note: If you like the software, BUY IT!

Whats New?
– Support for Genesis 8 Male and Female character.
– Support for additional skin maps – FaceGen Artist Pro 2 can now use your selfcreated body skin textures or other skin merchant ressources for body texturing.

Import a photo or multiple to FaceGen.
Then let FaceGen generate a shape and texture that you can easily apply right onto a Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 figure.

FaceGen even analyzes your pictures to create an overall skin texture that can be applied to your entire figure to avoid transitions.

If you want to make your figure look like your pictures, that’s all you need.

FaceGen lets you take things even further. You can adjust skin tone and feature shape gradually as you dial up and down various ethnicity adjustments to your photo’s face. Adjust its level of masculinity or femininity. Adjust age, color, shape, and even tween between multiple photos to combine more than one person’s structure and skin tones.

The ultimate in control, FaceGen even lets you modify the face with a pinch and pull style experience so you can mold and fine-tune features to meet your needs.

Faces can be applied to Daz Genesis, Genesis 2 Male and Female, Genesis 3 Male and Female and Genesis 8 Male and Female meshes.

What’s Included and Features:
Generates target shape morphs and texture images
Works with the latest versions of Daz Studio