Graphic design jobs in Bangladesh


Graphic design jobs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a pioneer in terms of mobile communications and Internet technologies, as a result the demand for high-tech roles in on the rise, and as such so are graphic designer vacancies. So whether you are looking for graphic designer jobs in Bangladesh, or are looking to get your career started you’ll find plenty of opportunities across the country. If you’re keen to start in the industry but are unsure about what is involved with graphic design read on to find out more.

A graphic designer job can usually go in two different directions. You can choose to aim at management positions and change jobs frequently to widen your experience. If you go down that road, you can land a project management job after five to ten years, depending on the strength of your network and on the variety of your work. Alternatively, you can choose to work freelance after 5 to 10 years of freelancer experience, you can then look at opening your own studio. In both cases the bigger portfolio and network you have, the more chances you will have of landing a job. If you manage to build a solid enough reputation in the business, you can land an art director jobin a design studio or in an advertising agency.

What’s involved and what are the daily duties?

A graphic designer uses visual medium to communicate a representation of a brand or brand message to consumers and the general public. Thanks to a combination of typography (different typefaces, point sizes and line lengths) and visual arts (which can be made up of logos, images and graphics) a graphic designer aims to create a brand logo with personality . If you have a background in graphic design you’ll find your skills are highly sought after in a wide variety of industries, in particular media. For example graphic designers are likely to receive job offers to design a new logo, road signs for the local government, textbooks, print and digital advertisements, work with videos, design billboards – you might even find some job vacancies in the film industry designing the opening credits of the next blockbuster. You don’t necessarily have to work with graphics, check out some of the other offers related to design like Web Design jobs and kickstart your design career.

Obviously the types of daily tasks you will be required to do will vary depending on where you work. However, there are some standard tasks that most graphic designer jobs in Bangladesh will require you to do:

  • Create designs, concepts, sample layouts and packaging
  • Use computer software (Adobe creative suite) to generate new images
  • Meet with clients/departments to discuss design requirements
  • Produce still and animated graphics
  • Participate in meetings and produce list of billable hours

Skills/Qualifications you need to stand out

  • Creative skills – Talent: the first skill required to be a successful graphic designer is creativity. You’ll need to have an innate artistic ability to be able to decide best how to manipulate the colours, contrast, typography and other visual elements in your work.
  • Technical skills: the second most important skill for graphic design is to know how to use the software. Graphic designer vacancies usually have skills in QuarkXpress, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Web Graphics, Acrobat and Flash.
  • Communication skills:To find success as a graphic designer you’ll need to have a solid set of communication skills – this means you’ll need to be a good listener and a good verbal communicator.

In order to fill a graphic designer job in Bangladesh, you’ll need to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Or, failing that, a degree in a related field like web design, photography or illustration. After you have completed your studies, your best course of action would be to get either an entry level position or a part time graphic design position. Whichever way you chose to go if you have the right kind of creativity and drive you’ll be able to succeed as a graphic designer.

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