New 3D Coat
3D model texturing software and 3D texture mapping app

New 3D-Coat v4.8.14C /3d coat texturing Free Download

We thank you for your interest in 3D-Coat, for your support of us in any manner. Without your interest and support, there would be neither 3D-Coat nor our company.

New 3D Coat
3D model texturing software and 3D texture mapping app

Please, don’t take us as nerds, but we would like to share with you what we believe is important and what lies beyond the plain business relationships.

When we came to the understanding that 3DCoat is getting more and more popular and now is used in all major world game studios and more than 150 universities and schools we asked ourselves – what is our responsibility as the creators?

It was a serious question for us – we understand that our children of different ages play video games created with the help of our own software. We would like them to learn kindness, compassion, and purity. We would sincerely want them to play educational, positive, and family games, as well as watch similar video content.

3d coat texturing

There is such a lack of it these days. Not long ago after a lot of internal discussions, we decided to make the Modding tool just to help players open the world of 3D modelling with the hope to replace gaming with creation. We are partners with you. Let’s create such products which our children could play and watch! We reap what we sow in this life. Let’s sow the kind in our life and in the life of our children!

As the creators of 3DCoat, we ask you to use 3DCoat with responsibility – how it influences other people, our and your children and the whole society? If you suspect that your product can be harmful to people in any sense we ask you to abstain from it. Let us endeavour to use our creativity to better our children and people around! We understand this request can cause lower sales, but our conscience demands it of us. We can not (and don’t want and are not going to) control your activity (our EULA do not have such limitations). This is our appeal and not a legal demand.

Of course, such a position could provoke many questions – and one of them would be – does God exist at all?

We personally saw supernatural events and healings as answers of prayers in our lives and in the lives of our friends. Some of them were miracles.

3d coat texturing About

Three guys from our team are professional physicists. Andrew, the Lead Developer of 3DCoat wrote an article on quantum electrodynamics when on his fourth year of studies. He graduated in Theoretical Physics which helped on multiple occasions with the program development, in particular when creating the auto-retopology (AUTOPO) algorithm.

Staci, Financial Director, also graduated from the Physics department together with Andrew, then became a PhD in Theor. Physics. Vladimir, our Web Developer also graduated from the Physics Department in Astronomy. Many famous scientists considered that science and God’s existence do not contradict each other.

The science answers the question “How?”, and the Bible answers the question “Why?”. If I throw a stone, it will fly along the given trajectory. Physics explains how it is going to fly. But Why? That question is beyond science – because I threw it. The same with the Universe. The most popular article in the Wall Street Journal online is science. It is interesting to know that increasingly God makes the case for God.

Also, it raises an idea about the existence of the creator of a variety of complex organisms in humans, starting with the amoeba. Proof if someone got a watch in the desert, someone made it.

Life is not an easy thing, you know. We do good and we do bad. When we do bad we feel that in conscience. And it’s hard to live with bad feelings inside and without the answer to the basic human questions like where I am from, what will be after the death..? If I feel bad for my actions in my soul, and if my soul really exists (many people see their bodies in clinical death) it is reasonable to believe that I will feel the same after the death, and the Bible says even worse…

Texturing and physically based rendering

  • Microvertex, per-pixel or ptex painting approaches
  • Realtime physically based rendering viewport with HDRL
  • Smart materials with set-up options
  • Multiple paint layers, blending modes, layer groups
  • Tight interaction with Photoshop
  • Texture size up to 16k
  • Ambient occlusion and curvature map calculation
  • Toolset for painting tasks

Digital sculpting

Voxel (volumetric) sculpting

  • No topological constraints
  • Complex boolean operations, kit bashing workflow

Traditional sculpting

  • Adaptive dynamic tesselation (Live Clay)
  • Dozens of sculpting brushes
  • Boolean operations with crisp edges
  • 3D printing export wizard


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