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The businessman is the most ideal worker to hire.

The businessmen can be bought using a varying amount of Virtual Cards and can be found in each of the different endurance ranks. When you make the Ultimate Donation, businessmen will persist after the restart. This factor makes them an ideal purchase when you can finally afford one.

Potential Workers

Businessman Ashley (Female)

  • Endurance: Productive
  • Cost: 450 Virtual Cards


To upgrade a businessman it will cost the following:

  • Lazy to Sleepy: 55 Virtual Cards
  • Sleepy to Diligent: 100 Virtual Cards
  • Diligent to Productive: 170 Virtual Cards
  • Productive to Hardworking: 430 Virtual Cards
  • Hardworking to Tireless: 880 Virtual Cards

The total VC spent upgrading Lazy businessman to Tireless is 1635 VC, saving 165 VC, thus it’s recommended that you purchase a Lazy Businessman and upgrade up to Tireless to save on Virtual Cards, with only a cost of time, having to level up the businessman to level 10 each endurance upgrade.

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